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All Legal Votes Matter: The Importance of a Fair Electoral Process

The 2020 presidential election is officially a dumpster fire filled with American votes. It’s time we understand why protecting our fair electoral process today ensures our constitutional republic for the future.

The Democrat-run mainstream media spent nearly all of President Donald Trump’s first term convincing you — the viewer — that Russia had interfered in the 2016 presidential election. Politicos and pundits all agreed that free and fair elections were of the highest priority and that American voters should not be swayed by disinformation, especially through foreign interests.

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This November should be déjà vu for Democrats. Instead, they’ve turned their backs on the “free and fair election” ideals they touted for 47 months and are becoming the very disinformation they claim to fight against. Multiple media outlets rushed to call the election in Joe Biden’s favor and are standing firm on the call, even though significant instances of voter fraud are under investigation in key battleground states.

As of yet, there is no uproar from the Left about fairness or calls even to look into the claims of voter fraud. From leftists, there is only a call for “unity” and to accept the mainstream media’s projections as fact. Even some members of the GOP have hopped on board. With tails tucked between their tails, they whimper about working together with the “Biden-Harris administration.” But where was this call for unity and acceptance of the results four years ago?

At this point, the American voter demands justice and reassurance that his or her vote — presidential or local — counts. That his great Aunt Sally who died in 1942 isn’t going to “fill out a ballot.” That people who aren’t even residents don’t get a say over legal citizens who followed the rules. That more voters don’t show up than are registered to vote in any state. America is concerned about these things.

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But despite hundreds of sworn affidavits, whistleblower testimony, video footage, and photos, mainstream media aims to gaslight American voters by discrediting everything we see.

To those who don’t understand what the holdup is, this is why we conduct audits and recounts — no different than in 2000 when Al Gore thought he was president for nearly a month. This is why elections are left to the states, which empower their electors to cast their votes on December 14 — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. At that point, electors will decide where their votes go. And while the mainstream media fumbles over counted public votes and convinces you of a victor, the decision of the Electoral College is what we need not underestimate. This is the process we can’t see or project while the public is anxious over numbers and colors on a map.

Our forefathers didn’t die to establish a nation with a broken electoral process. They didn’t make their great sacrifice so that we can “accept the results” we didn’t vote for. They didn’t fight so that we can swear allegiance to the State and what it says is best for us. No, we Americans put our faith in a fair electoral process that is constitutionally sound and that puts the voices of the governed over the elite few.

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This article was originally published on The Patriot Post.

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Patrick D. Hampton
Patrick D. Hampton is the host of The Patrick Perspective.


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