Wednesday, March 3, 2021

N. Logan


Texas, Mississippi Governors End Mask Mandate, Reopen States

Finally, some welcomed news when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Texas and Mississippi have opened their states at 100%, calling an end to the mask mandate.

#BankruptGoya, #BoycottHyatt Emerge Amid CPAC 2021

Corporations have had enough of cancel culture and aren't going to let leftist mobs bully them.

WaPo Author Claims Too Many Men Cited in Wikipedia Entries

Should it be Wikipedia or WOKEpedia? One author thinks the website doesn't cite enough female academia.

Dr. Fauci Says We’ll Likely Need to Wear Masks Through 2022

Would you continue to wear a mask for another year? Dr. Fauci states this may be the case until more is known about the vaccine.

Bill Gates tries to justify jet travel while pushing climate change

[Opinion] Imagine flying a private jet in the name of climate change. Is this a good example for greener living?

Bill Gates says to eat fake beef? We’ll pass.

Once again, progressives are trying to tell you which morals should go in your mouth to fight climate change. We have a beef with that.

Crenshaw Crushes AOC’s Argument for Texas Infrastructure Issues

The House Representative from Texas argues that fossil fuels -- not renewable energy -- are what saved Texans from the worst of infrastructure issues.

Math is Racist?: Oregon Dept. of Education Thinks It Is.

An online document was issued by Oregon Department of Education in an effort to address... you guessed it... racism in mathematics. The document promotes...

English Hospital Drops the Term ‘Breastmilk’ for ‘Human Milk’

In the virtuous name of gender inclusion, male and female terms are no longer politically correct.

LA Times Columnist Questions Kind Gesture from ‘Trumpites’

A warm neighborly gesture by Trump supporters is met with a column that's cold as ice. It's a dark winter, indeed.



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