Monday, January 18, 2021

N. Logan


Woke UK Academic Says Gardening has Roots in Racism?

[Opinion] A 300-page work was published to expose the "dark history" of the UK countryside.

AOC Says Southern States are ‘Oppressed’, Need to be ‘Liberated’

AOC has a knack for confusing statements. What exactly did she mean by this one?

Did Gov. Cuomo Do an About Face on Reopening NY?

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo called for a reopening of his state's economy. But is it too little, too late?

CDC Offers Vaccine Considerations to ‘Pregnant People?’

The Centers for Disease Control recently offered its vaccination considerations for "people who are pregnant or breastfeeding" So much for "girl power" in America.

Woke U.S. Surgeon General Speaks on ‘Medical Racism’, Encourages Vaccine for Black Population

Surgeon General Jerome Adams encourages black Americans to consider the recently released vaccines. But is his approach the right one?

Again, Stacey Abrams Blames Republicans for Voter Suppression

Once again, Stacey Abrams is on the horn putting Republicans on blast for voter suppression. When will she ever learn?

WOKE Film Trailer Pushes Killer Cop Narrative on Blacks

As if there wasn't enough racial division on American soil, a new film set to hit theatres in January, tells the story of a...

Congress Should Be Ashamed of their ‘$600 Virus Stimulus Bill’

(OPINION) Congress just passed a $900 billion relief bill and it's their worst one yet. Will it stop at the White House?

Cori Bush’s Column Condemns Death Penalty

Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush published her op-ed in Time Magazine, seeking an end to capital punishment.

America’s Frontline Doctors Discuss Virus and Vaccination Impact on The Black Community

Members of America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) took stage during an informational meeting titled COVIDs Impact on the Black Community to discuss the COVID-19 vaccinations now available to the American public.



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