Tuesday, April 13, 2021

N. Logan


Even Trump’s Voice Is Banned From Facebook

The Trump ban is so intense that even his voice is not allowed on key social media platforms.

Biden’s First Press Conference Was the Saddest Ever

[OPINION] America waited 65 days for the first Biden press conference, and it tells exactly how the next four years are going to go.

Krispy Kreme to Offer Free Donuts to Vaccine Card Holders

In case you needed a reason to roll up your sleeves, there's a free glazed donut waiting for you.

Bashful Biden wont go to the Southern Border?

Does it even look like the Biden Administration has a handle on the migrant surge?

Got the Vaccine? Thank Trump for That

Can we go ahead and give credit where credit is due?

Half of Americans think Biden is Unfit for POTUS. Why are we surprised?

The latest Rasmussen poll results shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, yet some are just now asking whether Joe Biden is fit to be POTUS.

C’mon, Biden! How Long Until His Next Presser?

Will President Joe Biden do a solo press conference? Can he even do a solo press conference?

Warren’s Tax Plan Now Targets “Ultra-Millionaires”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was excited to introduce her wealth tax plan that targets "ultra-millionaires" with an exceptional net worth. Yay?

Texas, Mississippi Governors End Mask Mandate, Reopen States

Finally, some welcomed news when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Texas and Mississippi have opened their states at 100%, calling an end to the mask mandate.

#BankruptGoya, #BoycottHyatt Emerge Amid CPAC 2021

Corporations have had enough of cancel culture and aren't going to let leftist mobs bully them.



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