Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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The Vaccine Passport May Violate Your Rights

The Federal Government has been working with private businesses to develop a vaccine passport. This "passport" will probably be an app available on smartphones...

Krispy Kreme to Offer Free Donuts to Vaccine Card Holders

In case you needed a reason to roll up your sleeves, there's a free glazed donut waiting for you.

Got the Vaccine? Thank Trump for That

Can we go ahead and give credit where credit is due?

Joe Biden’s Primetime Speech Was Full Of Doom and Gloom

Joe Biden delivered a speech that lasted about 24 minutes on primetime television on Thursday, March 11th, 2021. The President spoke about a few...

Texas, Mississippi Governors End Mask Mandate, Reopen States

Finally, some welcomed news when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Texas and Mississippi have opened their states at 100%, calling an end to the mask mandate.

Dr. Fauci Says We’ll Likely Need to Wear Masks Through 2022

Would you continue to wear a mask for another year? Dr. Fauci states this may be the case until more is known about the vaccine.

New York Releases Cringey Rap Video Promoting Vaccine To Black People

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared a cartoon rap video featuring DMC of RUN DMC to promote the vaccine to black people. While the...

Cuomo Aide Admits To Hiding Nursing Home Virus Numbers From Trump Administration

An aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently admitted to hiding nursing home virus numbers from President Trump in an attempt to avoid...

“Cheering” should not be allowed at parties, says the CDC

The CDC suggests that cheering should be avoided while partying. Yahoo! (Sarcasm)

Fauci Advises Wearing Two Masks, Says It’s “Common Sense”

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently appeared on television to lay out his case in favor of wearing two masks instead of just one. The long-time...

Media Ignore The Role Of The Virus In Death Of Hank Aaron and Larry King

Mainstream media appeared to have ignored the role of the virus in the deaths of both Hank Aaron and Larry King. Major League Baseball...

Biden Unwinds Trump Triumphs with Several EOs

[Opinion] After signing several executive orders, the Biden Administration should change their slogan from "Build Back Better" to "Bring Back Barack."

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