Saturday, January 23, 2021
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CDC Offers Vaccine Considerations to ‘Pregnant People?’

The Centers for Disease Control recently offered its vaccination considerations for "people who are pregnant or breastfeeding" So much for "girl power" in America.

Woke U.S. Surgeon General Speaks on ‘Medical Racism’, Encourages Vaccine for Black Population

Surgeon General Jerome Adams encourages black Americans to consider the recently released vaccines. But is his approach the right one?

Trump Rejects $600 Stimulus Payment, Wants $2000 Instead

President Donald Trump responded to the virus stimulus package that was approved by the House and Senate in a near-unanimous vote with few dissenters....

Congress Should Be Ashamed of their ‘$600 Virus Stimulus Bill’

(OPINION) Congress just passed a $900 billion relief bill and it's their worst one yet. Will it stop at the White House?

Tulsi Gabbard Proposes TAX On Big Businesses Allowed To Stay Open During Shutdowns

Democratic House Rep Tulsi Gabbard proposed a bill that would impose an "excess profit" tax on large businesses that were allowed to stay open...

Does This Viral Video Display A FAKE Vaccination?

A strange video featuring a live-on-camera vaccination of a healthcare worker in El Paso, Texas has gone viral. The video apparently shows a man...

America’s Frontline Doctors Discuss Virus and Vaccination Impact on The Black Community

Members of America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) took stage during an informational meeting titled COVIDs Impact on the Black Community to discuss the COVID-19 vaccinations now available to the American public.

Black NYC Woman Is The First To Get The Vaccine… But Why?

A black woman by the name of Sandra Lindsay was the first to receive the virus vaccine in the United States. Not only is...

Dr. Fauci Says Black People Should Trust Vaccine Because Black Woman Developed It

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells a panel of black medical experts and leaders that a black woman was involved in the development of the vaccine. But does this build trust in black people?

Rick Santelli Lock Horns With CNBC Host Over Virus Lockdown

Rick Santelli and CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin got into a heated debate on-air over the issue of virus lockdowns. It all started when...

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Wins EMMY For Virus Briefings

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo wins an International Emmy for his 111 daily consecutive virus briefings that he held from March 2nd to...

Mainstream Media Comes UNGLUED During VP Mike Pence Conference

Vice President Mike Pence was a pillar of peace during his press conference while mainstream media came UNGLUED because they couldn't ask questions.

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