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Who’s Voting for the Party of Immorality?

Article originally published on The Patriot Post.

The political witch hunt is officially in effect. As we grow closer to Election Day, Democrats are in the midst of a restructuring in their efforts to cast out the undesirables.

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Among those undesirables is Tennessee State Representative John DeBerry Jr., a longtime Democrat who was cast out by his own party ahead of the August primary.

The Tennessee Democratic Party’s executive committee recently voted 41-18 in favor of removing DeBerry — an ordained minister — from the ballot. Conveniently, the vote occurred after the deadline to file for a party affiliation change, which could possibly hurt his chances to run on an independent or Republican ticket.

The reasoning behind DeBerry’s removal came down to one grave difference in morality. His pro-life beliefs — the desire to honor human life — led to his expulsion.

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If you’re reading this and are of the Democrat persuasion, let this be a warning to you. The Democrat Party is not willing to embrace what we conservatives recognize as ideological diversity. On the Right, people agree to disagree. But on the Left, a person who possesses an even mildly alternative stance on certain issues is banished. Your voice, be it black or white, matters not to haughty progressives who decide whether you have a place to belong. Sadly, in DeBerry’s case, not all black voices matter.

In today’s political realm more than ever, elected officials are faced with a fierce tug of war — their personal morals are at war with party principles. It was once acceptable to be a pro-life Democrat. But as the Democrat train heads further to the left, many such representatives are left behind or even thrown off the car altogether.

According to Democrat Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, leaders in the Democrat Party “went crazy.” Jones has been subject to much public and media ridicule after he expressed his support for President Donald Trump. After speaking at the 2020 Republican National Convention, he and his wife were harassed by angry protesters. Jones says he supported Trump due to his stance on criminal justice reform and funding for historically black colleges and universities — things that the Democrat Party would traditionally support. But that’s no good for the Left, which would throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater over one difference in opinion.

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What’s unusual about the political scene today is that Democrats (as they usher in their repackaged socialist campaign) are advancing a sort of “ride or die” mentality. If you differ even slightly on an issue or policy, you’re no good. Sadly, these decisions are made by committees of people who are positioned to bring constituents together to achieve a common goal, not rule with an iron fist (or so I thought).

Everyone — progressive, liberal, or conservative — should be troubled by this attitude and approach. How would the views of the people be properly represented when our elected officials are at the mercy of a handful of tyrants? Until the Democrat Party ceases its political witch hunt, its morality and ethics will forever be in question. And concerned voters will carry this consideration to the ballot box this fall.

Article originally published on The Patriot Post.

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Patrick D. Hampton
Patrick D. Hampton is the host of The Patrick Perspective.


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