About Anthony Brian Logan

Anthony Brian Logan is a black conservative political commentator and writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia by way of Charleston, West Virginia who now resides in East Tennessee. He grew up in a single-parent household but always had the love and support of not only both parents but also that of a large extended family. While being raised in a socially conservative household, Anthony’s views were very politically liberal until well into adulthood when his “red pill moment” happened. At that point, he became more of a conservative person.

Anthony has done several press appearances – being featured on RT, RT France, Press TV Iran, The Blaze TV, Compound Media with Taleeb Starkes, The Wayne Dupree Show, Jubilee Media, VICE News, TV One News One Now, C-Span, local newspapers, and more. Anthony has also been to the White House twice and travels the nation doing speaking engagements and public appearances.

While Anthony may be found on most major online social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and especially YouTube, his website will be the hub of all things related directly to him and to things he has a strong interest in. Current events related to politics, general news (including the sometimes strange stories,) and cultural news will be found here.

There is a strong team of writers – some known, some unknown – that contribute to this website with factual information about current topics. Everyone here is dedicated to the advancement of conservatism. They will carry out their mission with strong internal ethical oversight to aide in Anthony’s mission of moving the movement forward!