Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Reaction to ‘What exactly are white people superior at” video

You've never seen a more ratioed video than this. Thankfully, the reactions are glorious.

Mainstream Media Comes UNGLUED During VP Mike Pence Conference

Vice President Mike Pence was a pillar of peace during his press conference while mainstream media came UNGLUED because they couldn't ask questions.

It’s Another Big Tech Senate Hearing and We’re Tired

Big Tech CEOs Zuck and Dorsey get the paddle from the latest Senate hearing yet again, but will there be any actual punishment?

Candace Owens Crushed the Feminist Narrative, Responds to Harry Styles VOGUE Photoshoot

Candace Owens exposes the flaws of radical feminism in her response to Vogue Magazine photoshoot featuring Harry Styles.

All Legal Votes Matter: The Importance of a Fair Electoral Process

Americans demand justice and reassurance our votes — presidential or local — count, in this election and all elections, especially in the wake of alleged voter fraud.

Obama Says “Put the Country First”, How He’s Wrong to Say That

Joe Biden is not that great of a presidential candidate. So why is Barack Obama pretending that he is? And why does Trump need to concede?

[Opinion] MSM Rush to Call 2020 Presidential Election for Joe Biden

Several outlets announce Joe Biden wins the 2020 Presidential Election as the Trump Campaign pursues legal action.

Candace Owens Targets Big Tech, Sues Facebook Fact-Checkers

The BLEXIT co-founder and conservative firebrand Candace Owens is targeting Big Tech and announced she is suing Facebook Fact Checkers.

CDC Guidance Permits Quarantined to Vote in Person?

CDC issued its latest COVID guidelines to help stop the spread at the polls and permits quarantined to vote in person.

Pennsylvania Polls in Peril?; Pelosi Dropping Hints of House Decision

Problems are reported at Pennsylvania polls as watchers are denied entry into voting locations.

No Black American Needs Maxine Waters to Forgive Them

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) who lives in a six million dollar mansion outside of the district she represents, has lashed out on black Trump...

Has COVID Killed Christmas in California?

Have the latest COVID recommendations in California killed the Christmas spirit?

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