Monday, January 18, 2021
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100K Signature Petition Calls for The ARREST of “SoHo Karen”

A petition with over 100K signatures has surfaced calling for the arrest of "SoHo Karen" Miya Ponsetto due to her altercation with a black...

Woke U.S. Surgeon General Speaks on ‘Medical Racism’, Encourages Vaccine for Black Population

Surgeon General Jerome Adams encourages black Americans to consider the recently released vaccines. But is his approach the right one?

“White Savior” Statue of Abraham Lincoln REMOVED!

A replica of the "Emancipation Statue" featuring President Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave has been removed from public view in Boston, Massachusetts. The...

Kamala Harris Says Her Family Celebrated Kwanzaa… Really?

Kamala Harris says that she celebrated Kwanzaa in a "multigenerational" fashion when she was a child. Her revelation came on the first day of...

WOKE Film Trailer Pushes Killer Cop Narrative on Blacks

As if there wasn't enough racial division on American soil, a new film set to hit theatres in January, tells the story of a...

100 Pastors Accuse Kelly Loeffler Of Attacking The Black Church

Over one hundred pastors signed an open letter accusing Kelly Loeffler of attacking the black church due to her political attacks against her opponent...

Black Lives Matter Raised $10.6 Billion in Donations Since May

Black Lives Matter and BLM-related efforts collected a whopping $10.6 billion dollars in donation money since May of 2020 according to The Economist. ...

America’s Frontline Doctors Discuss Virus and Vaccination Impact on The Black Community

Members of America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) took stage during an informational meeting titled COVIDs Impact on the Black Community to discuss the COVID-19 vaccinations now available to the American public.

Black NYC Woman Is The First To Get The Vaccine… But Why?

A black woman by the name of Sandra Lindsay was the first to receive the virus vaccine in the United States. Not only is...

Joe Biden Yells at Black Democrats During Livestream

Joe Biden showed his true colors during a virtual meeting with civil rights leaders as he sternly redirected from the notion of using executive order to mandate key progressive changes.

Dr. Fauci Says Black People Should Trust Vaccine Because Black Woman Developed It

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells a panel of black medical experts and leaders that a black woman was involved in the development of the vaccine. But does this build trust in black people?

Grandmaster Jay of NFAC Arrested By FBI, Faces 20 Years!

Leader of the NFAC militia, Grandmaster Jay, faces 20 years in federal prison for pointing his AR15 rifle at Louisville police officers, FBI agents,...

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