Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Brandon Bernard Does NOT Deserve Mercy, His Victims Do

Kim Kardashian made news again by attempting to grant Brandon Bernard a stay of execution at the zero-hour after being on death row for...

Corny AOC Tees Get Trashed by Critics

AOC is getting roasted yet again, this time for selling pricey tees with left-wing slogans. Wait. How does capitalism work again?

Salty SJW Panel at MSNBC Calls Thanksgiving ‘Colonizer Christmas’

The social justice turkeys in an MSNBC panel dubbed the Thanksgiving holiday as "Colonizer Christmas."

Reaction to ‘What exactly are white people superior at” video

You've never seen a more ratioed video than this. Thankfully, the reactions are glorious.

Candace Owens Crushed the Feminist Narrative, Responds to Harry Styles VOGUE Photoshoot

Candace Owens exposes the flaws of radical feminism in her response to Vogue Magazine photoshoot featuring Harry Styles.

House Rep BLM Activist Says Republicans Think She’s Breonna Taylor

Cori Bush, BLM activist and US House Rep from Missouri, accused Republican colleagues of thinking she is Breonna Taylor.

Kentucky Couple Has WOKE BLM GRAVEYARD As Halloween Decoration

A couple in St. Matthews, Kentucky (Louisville) created a Black Lives Matter (BLM) themed Halloween decoration in their front yard. The display includes a...

Why “Can I Change My Vote” is Trending Ahead of 2020 Election?

Some disillusioned early voters are having a change of heart and are wanting to change their votes - hopefully toward Trump.

University Introduces a 12 Step Recovery Program For Whiteness!

The University of Minnesota School of Social Work introduced a twelve-step recovery program for whiteness. The program is aimed at teaching white people about...

Netflix Indicted in Texas Over “Cuties” Movie! Finally.

Netflix, Inc. has been indicted by a grand jury in Tyler County, Texas over the highly controversial movie called "Cuties". The grand jury found...

California Will House Transgender Inmates By Their Gender Identity!

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law that requires California prisons to house transgender inmates by their gender identity. For example, if a...

BLM Scammer Spends 200K Of Donation Cash On Lavish Lifestyle!

Sir Maejor Page (real name Tyree Conyers-Page) was raided by the FBI for fraud and money laundering relating to the money he raised while...

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