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Chicago Migrants Kicked Out Of Police Station Into Bitter Cold Weather

Chicago migrants temporarily living in a police station were kicked out into the cold due to their refusal to relocate to a shelter. Migrants have been piling into the Windy City over the past few months. There are limited resources and limited places to house these people. Police stations, churches, Chicago O’Hare Airport, and other locations have been turned into makeshift homeless shelters just to accommodate the migrants. However, the situation has become untenable and other arrangements must be made.

Migrants at a Chicago police station were requested to transfer to a local shelter. Some of them accepted while others refused and attempted to hunker down at the police station. A viral video shows law enforcement removing the remaining people and forcing them out into the cold. Some say that such treatment is inhumane due to the bitter cold and snow that Chicago is already experiencing. However, the onus should be on the migrants to migrate to a place where they have housing and jobs rather than trying to wing it in a cold place like the Windy City.

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