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Doctors At The “White Coat Summit” EXPOSE The Virus!

DISCLAIMER: The following article is the opinion of the author and editor and should not be misconstrued with medical advice.

Doctors held a White Coat Summit on the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington DC to expose the reality of the virus. They touted several well-known and long-studied treatments that are proven to treat the virus including hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromyocin aka Zithromax. No mainstream media outlets covered the summit at all. Breitbart News was the most prominent news source on the scene.

The full conference outside of the Supreme Court was about 45 minutes in length. A variety of doctors from all around the United States stepped up to the outdoor podium to give their testimony on the effectiveness of virus treatments shunned by mainstream media and big pharma.

These doctors’ testimony is extremely important because they’ve had success with virus patients. It makes more sense to listen to a successful doctor than an unsuccessful one, or a person that has a doctorate but does not treat patients, like Anthony Fauci.

Ivory Towers Built With American Fear

One key point that all of the doctors made is that people like Fauci exist sort-of in an Ivory Tower. He is an elitist. The Ivory Tower elite and mega corporations look like they are joining forces to benefit themselves either financially or politically, but not for the best interest of the American people.

Fauci has gone on record to push for a drug called Remdesivir as the standard to treat the virus. Remdesivir is not only experimental, but it is also expensive and must be administered through several IV treatments. Compare that to hydroxychloroquine which is available in a very cheap and generic pill form.

Mainstream media accused Trump of having a financial interest in the drug early on in the virus outbreak when he sang its praises. But when Fauci speaks of Remdesivir, the same media did not question his ties to Bill Gates and the obvious connection Gates has to big pharma.

Politics Never Take A Break

Politics should never go before health but that is what’s happening. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer attempted to block hydroxychloroquine in her state due to an Arizona couple taking a similar drug after Trump’s remarks. A black Democratic woman in Michigan by the name of Karen Whitsett had the virus and nearly died. She would have died if not for hearing Trump talk about the very same drug all the doctors at the White Coat Summit spoke of, hydroxychloroquine.

One of the doctors at the Summit spoke of South Dakota being the only state in the Union to not restrict hydroxychloroquine at all. Is it a coincidence that after the big Trump rally at Mount Rushmore, there was no breakout of the virus, like left-wing politicos and mainstream media projected?

Media’s Assault On The People

Mainstream media continue to bring up the number of new virus “cases” but that number is meaningless in the context that they try to use it. The virus “cases” number does mean something when placed in juxtaposition to the number of deaths from the virus. The two numbers placed together simply point to herd immunity and/or a less-than-deadly virus. Maybe even less deadly than the seasonal flu. But of course, the media refuses to mention the death numbers, only relying on case numbers, when the death numbers were all the rage just a few weeks ago.

It’s clear that the media and the left have an agenda. And it’s a crying shame because people are dying as a result. Not just from the virus but due to joblessness, hopelessness, sadness, loneliness, and the list goes on. It’s time to put an end to this madness and get our country back on track.



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