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Zuckerberg Says Facebook Will BAN Lockdown Protesters!

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that Facebook will ban the pages (and possibly, accounts) of people that promote anti-lockdown protests. The giant social media platform have already banned event pages for protests planned in California, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Zuckerberg said that these pages would be cited for spreading misinformation, a violation of their policy guidelines.

Conservatives online and off are furious about the move. Freedom of speech is a core tenet among most conservatives, and Facebook may have violated that in a big way. Explanations from the CEO of Facebook himself don’t really add up. On one hand, Zuckerberg says that the anti-lockdown protests violate Facebook’s guidelines on misinformation. But then he says that political discord is welcomed on the platform and that there is a line. Which one is it? Or maybe the true question is, where does Facebook see the line between political debate and calls for government subversion?

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A long-standing battle has been fought between big tech and conservative voices both online and off. Lines between private industry and government have been blurred as both begin to rely more on the other. Prime example of this would be the infamous case of the police wanting to gain access to an iPhone through a backdoor.

Countless US government officials have been censored on social media for posts that other regular people and politicians have not. While most tech companies attempt to remain neutral, it is clear that sometimes they are not and conservatives tend to get the short end of the stick.

As the November Presidential Election gets closer and closer, incidents like this may become more prevalent. Online targeting of conservatives. Rogue employees, shady characters, and more will pop up. Mainstream media will play a role in this mess as well. The only question will be … how does one prove it? A much easier task to verbalize than to achieve.

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  1. Time for someone to create an algorithm to permanently cripple Facebook.
    Time customer run social media.
    No ads from Chinese scam sellers.

  2. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s days of reckoning or on the horizon , another Bill Gates in the making is this little fucking nazi ponce , the death penalty is to good for these fucking nonces , look at the state of him , I guess he is missing his Andrenachrome to .

    • You’re an imbecile ? Nazi ? What ideea he’s supporting tell you “Nazi” , ei ? He’s a GOD DAMNED,FILTHY, SATANIC,SADO-MASOCHIST AND WHITE GENOCIDE LOVING jew you UTTER MORON,so off course he is a MARXIST,as as rabby stephen s. wise said in “The American Buletin” 15 Mai 1935 “Some call it marxism,i call it judaism”.

      So stop fucking calling “nazi” everyone that does something you don’t like,they’re DAMNED MORONS and GOD DAMNED,FILTHY, SATANIC,SADO-MASOCHIST AND WHITE GENOCIDE LOVING jews.

  3. Yes but what seem to be missed is the Covid19 virus is now part of our Eco-system that’s not going to change. Shelter in place only was designed to flatten the curve so that our health care system didn’t become overrun. Slowing the infection rate only. This measure was never designed to stop the inevitable and will not keep an airborne virus from spreading. We will all become exposed to this virus now as residents of this planet. Mark Zuckerberg burying your head in the sand won’t change what is our of our control. 🙁

  4. He needs to be taken to court immediately. He must be stopped with the one way censorship. He didn’t ban antifa, black lies matter, anti Trump protesters, snowflake college protesters from organizing VIOLENT protests on face book but will go all out to ban anti lockdown protests. Come one conservative lawyers get your asses into court and stop this prick from outright censorship at the request of liberal democratic governors trying to control citizens with a police state.

  5. Why doesn’t he ban the mainstream media for their lies and misinformation? They keep getting caught in lies every day but somehow they are free to say whatever the fuck they want? I call bullshit. Fuck you Zuck.

  6. Mark, do I understand correctly? You’re going to ban lockdown protesters for spreading misinformation? Well, in the spirit of your misinformation comments, you’ll have to start banning mainstream media, antifa, black lives matter, DEC, WHO, and every politician who opened their mouth, among a multitude of others, the list is never ending. You can try and censor free speech, and you can bury your head in the sand and pretend it not happening, but neither is going to stop the American people from seeing an injustice and doing something about it.

  7. That’s cute. And he’s gonna stop people from reforming the groups or sending emails exactly how? Block our accounts? Well just make another and another

  8. Censorship at its finest…seems like everything i post lately, comes up missing or no longer available…sad that Zuckerberg is taking credit for something that took many to create. Someone please! Create another free speech websight..i would join immeadiatly! Drop facebooks communists idiots!

  9. another reason to write your congressmen and representatives to keep the post office in force and American strong we need to be free to communicate and if they take away freedom of speech on social media and on internet at least we still have a real letter to communicate in privacy without all seeing eyes and political control

  10. Facebook was set up by the government, handed to Zuck who is related to the Rothchilds or one of these elite families trying to F America… piece of Crap

  11. We were planning national protests in every state. Our group has been taken down 3 times now. We also had individual state groups and all 50 of those were taken down as well. It’s completely ridiculous.

  12. Thank you Anthony.
    If you want the big picture, go to YouTube and start listening to the following videos:
    Brannon Howse, John Haller, J.D. Farag,
    Tom Hughes, for starters. Each does a regular Prophecy Update. They will help you.

  13. Zuckerberg is a POS pedophile! Leftist mentally ill libtard! He will burn in HELL! God doesn’t like the rape and murder of children

  14. Zuckerberg is banning and censoring posts here in Europe too. Also posts showing protests and police brutality with critical (but polite) comments, have been cancelled and the authors menaced with blocks. That is against the right of free speech of our constitutions!

  15. It’s probably time to play the same game and put Zuckerberg and his crew out of business. Just cancel your accounts and don’t use his services. You can text or email or use your phone to communicate, His advertisers
    will go elsewhere and he will also. He doesn’t care about your freedoms unless he can make a buck off of them.

  16. If you don’t like what facebook is doing – just don’t use it. If enough people agree with you, you win and perhaps we’ll die. Well thank you.

  17. Will he be banning the World Health Organization and the Bronx Hospital E.R. Physicians ,both who said yesterday that quarantines are useless and dangerous and should end immediately?

  18. Zuckerberg is a marksist CRYMINAL with communist methods. He’s breaking human rights (freedom of speech) and soloused to be judged for that!

  19. Remember just 2 yrs ago or so Mark was in Washington over all that was going on with FB? Well They has already had all this worked out with him and he is swore by the government to do Just as he is doing! Remove the Peoples ability for freedom of speech On FB.. They knew then that they would be bringing out this virus scare and They need/needed control so Mark is their Man Because of his famous growing site! Control the people and don’t let them Speak!!!’

  20. i am ashamed of Zuckberg and Facebook censoring out our Freedom of Speech. He is too one sided in his views. He’s afraid they’ll show the snipers up on top of the California Capitol building, but I have it saved on my computer to send it to attorney general Barr

  21. I thought Facebook was considered a pubic forum now??! THIS IS ILLEGAL!! Expect lawsuits, Mr. #uckerberg

    “In what may prove to be a significant precedent, a US appeals court has ruled that Facebook represents a public forum and the First Amendment on freedom of expression applies”

  22. Mr Zuckerberg is another elitist GLOBALIST working with his Globalist peers to turn THE WORLD INTO A ONE NATION FASCIST DICTATORSHIP. Time for the DOJ to look into FB as a negative

  23. Good luck Zuckerberg. Don’t really care about FB that much. My real friends have my phone number and know my address. Oh well so do you since FB is nothing but surveillence captialism. You, Bill, Melinda, and Chan have a wonderful life. God will ask all of you about everything you have done. Families are starving and homeless due to your and Gates lockdown agenda. Good job. I hope you are all happy with yourselves. You are such a follower. I love how you call THE TRUTH -misinformation. I have lost all respect for you and dont want to be a part of your fascist agenda little boy. I will find another/BETTER platform!

  24. He acts like Hitler! Telling us what we can and can’t say or do! Sorry Mr. Suckerburg! My constitutional rights say I can say whatever I want and you can’t do anything about it!!! I don’t need you or Facebook to live my life.

  25. Every one should download their intellectual property, info etc..and ban FB try MeWe or another platform that doesn’t censor Freedom of Speech/Expression and right to assembly!,

  26. Freedom of speech you asshole!!! Can’t just let the fake news spread!!! Your ass wants socialism! No way!!! When you had to go to Washington I’m sure some of those assholes, like pelosi paid you or bribed you somehow to do this shit! Well to bad all of you are in it with killary because then sooner or later we wouldn’t have to worry about you because she would have you killed.

  27. Freedom does not exists. Exploits and
    secured measures by elites determine what our slavery is worth! Freedom is an illusion and this is illustrated by Zuckerberg, Gates, and others who deem it necessary to remind you that you are powerless.

  28. You failed even before planning. Don’t forget that this world is not willed to you and your wicked cohort. GET READY TO BAN ME. U CRIMINAL


  30. Rachael MEWE heya??? I will be using it now, and starting to switch over, if people dont follow me over there, then that is on them, not me!!! by the way, Rachael look for me k? ill be the one creating places like, USA is full of morons, and ALL POLITICIANS,LAWYERS,JUDGES IN THE U.S.A. SHOULD BE IN PRISON! LIKE THAT, if you can find me, friend me, k? and everyone that is telling MARK now to screw off!!! lets us do this, FACEBOOK/RIP!!! YOU HEAR THAT MARK YOU SCUMBAG>>?

  31. This is the beginning of the end for FB. How could it not be? The people of this great country of ours are not stupid and know when someone is trying to play them. I can see this escalating into very dangerous proportions. Our constitution and what it stands for is more important than what a few scalley wag pirates want and think we need. Maybe a consensus boycott of everything FB will shake and rock their world enough to bring them back to reality. Vaccinating 7 billion people under their agendas is not reality. If this does not get dispensed with and eradicated then it is going to turn the entire world into a literal battlefield and total chaos will be running rampant on every shoreline. God help us all.

  32. Mr zuckerberg you have the duty as a public company to allow people to speak their first amendment rights. If you stop the lockdown protesters then you MUST stop the rioters because they are doing multiple times the damage to this nation as are the lockdown protesters. You started this company to make the world a different place, Really for your wealth, now it’s time to fight for the country that gave you freedom to have what you have now. Many in the black community are not pro glorifying Floyd, nor pro riots, nor pro Nasty Pillosi, nor are many not a few but many pro BLM, not the statement but the Marxist, narrow minded, anti America organization that their doctrine purposes. They are but one of many ideas in our country, why on earth without even knowing their propositions would you lift them up to fund them and even voice their anti-American anti-capitalistic, anti-family anti-God views? It would only be because you and all your rich “equality pretenders” don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings?, don’t want to loose your moneys?, grow some balls you nutless cowards stand up for the good, for the police that keep our country safer! For the voice of the people not just a small percentage.

  33. What an Orwellian dictatorships loves, someone who will not question authority but accepted it per verbatim. The freedom of thought should be a cherish object and not be traded away so lightly, otherwise you are on a fool’s errand. Around and around the primrose path we go and where It ends up nobody knows?

  34. He is blocking pages like that because it goes against the script that’s why.. I hate to say this but Mark Z. better realize that as many people that log on to fb can always log off fb and not use it anymore too. In fact half of the people i know doesn’t log on fb half as often as they used too. I see them more on tik tok, Instagram which is still facebook you might as well say since they own Instagram. And Instagram my goodness you might as well call it Sexy Gram lol Half the people on there are half dress lol But i am starting to see the power that fb has and will have as long as we continue to let him have it. Kinda hard to get data from users that don’t us fb anymore.


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