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George Floyd Arrest Bodycam Footage LEAKED! (VIDEO)

The controversial death of George Floyd that has sparked Black Lives Matter “protests” across the country is now understood in greater context thanks to the leak of police bodycam video footage of his arrest. Mysteries and questions surrounding the reasoning for Floyd’s arrest and subsequent death should get laid to rest soon.

Derrick Chauvin, the officer charged in the death of Mr. Floyd, is probably somewhere breathing a big sigh of relief. Because malicious intent on his behalf doesn’t appear to present itself in the tape. The “knee-on-neck” technique was on the books and perfectly legal in Minneapolis at the time of Floyd’s arrest. And the controversial maneuver does not appear to have unnecessary force applied to it from the camera angle in the video.

How Did This All Unfold?

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Floyd was driving a black SUV with two passengers. A male on the passenger’s side and a female in the back seat. Officers questioned the passengers with no problems whatsoever. They fully cooperated. As a matter of fact, the woman in the back seat told one of the on-scene officers that George Floyd has problems, especially when the arresting officer pulled the gun on Floyd after he initially refused to listen to commands. The same woman is most likely the female voice on tape heard telling Floyd that he “can’t win” and “stop resisting!”

The officers who were present with Chauvin and participated in the arrest of Mr. Floyd have already been vindicated legally, but not so much socially. Countless social media “campaigns” have called for their arrests. One of the officers got harassed at a supermarket in an online video. Feelings towards the officers involved should change after today’s bodycam footage release.

Domino Effect

The real culprit in the death of George Floyd was most likely the methamphetamine and fentanyl that George Floyd had in his system. If he were not on drugs, then he probably would not have resisted arrest. The counterfeit bill that the store owner said Floyd tried to pay for goods wouldn’t have netted Floyd any real time in jail, let alone the penitentiary unless he was on probation or parole. He could have simply cooperated and got into the squad car like the police requested. But the drugs contributed to Floyd making a different, and very costly, decision.

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  1. They were not. The only person responsible for where George Kirby is now is himself. Period. And this bodycam video should have been released the same day instead of putting our country through hell while people burn loot and murder all while claiming victimhood by the police. Meanwhile theyre murdering innocent children and eachother on the streets of NY and chicago and r busy painting BLM all over everything instead of what they should be doing: apologizing to the american people for not waiting for the facts before throwing the biggest tempertantrums ever over a video with no context. This is EXACTLY how propaganda is designed to work and half of america just fell for it hook line and sinker just like the good little sheep they are. So now its time to arrest the propagandists and the agitators. Race baiters like our dem congressmen and al sharpton and the squad should all be locked up or at the very least lose their positions of power for life. But first and foremost its time for Officer Chalvin to be released and reinstated. And since they were all wrong, the whole defund the police campaign should be stopped and a REfund of the police with bonuses for all officers should begin. But whatll probably happen is nothing. The race baiters with no intelligent arguements will explain the video away by saying its systemic racism and poor george kirby coddling him like hes not a woman beating home invading burglar still stealing and using drugs and resisting arrest. And we’ll all be considered racist for pointing out the obvious. Thats just the state of our affairs anymore. Its sad.

  2. I am former law enforcement and a whistle-blower and there were so many “mistakes” on the Floyd case it is too much to list here.
    Please contact me for an interview and I will break it ALL down for the People.
    I am former U.s. Secret Service, SDPD, U.s. Mint Police, U..s Customs Service etc…20+ years.

  3. I can’t believe they burned the country down for this. The initial video released was edited to accomplish the result we all saw.

  4. The Democtratic party was looking for something that would spark civil unrest and complete destruction and mayhem! It is obvious now why the whole video was not released immediately. It was all planned out for voter brainwash and election manipulation!

  5. I feel bad for the officers who were doing their job because George Floyd had Coronavirus. I hope the officers didn’t get it.

  6. TRUMP2020, tome to send in the national guard to quell all of these domestic terrorist. Let’s go!!! Drain the swamp, remove dems from office, try them as treason, and execute.

  7. George Floyd atopy report. Beside suffering from hypertension, a common problem in the African Descent community, he also had both Methamphetamine, and Fentanyl in his system. Mr. Floyd after having convulsions in the back of the police cruiser was in the process of dying of congestive heart failure.

    Being it’s a paid atopy the family, there will be a certain bias toward knee on the neck, however that being said, if was calling out I can’t breathe, with the knee on the neck in the eight-minute period, that means he was still getting oxygen to his lungs

  8. wow i would be scared to be a cop the man resisited the whole time BLM MY ASS WE ALL MATTER AND THAT WAS GERORGES FAULT

  9. I said that from the beginning it was his own fault. No camera footage necessary.

    And same shit with Brianna Taylor. She was allowing drugs to be mailed to her house. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer who white at police when they entered with a warrant. So what cops can’t defend themselves when being shot at? Do they not have families that deserve for them to come home the next day? Bull$&@&!

  10. I just saw a clip from MSMBC on these leaked videos. They were so dishonest and deceitful! They can’t be trusted! It is hard to believe this is America!

  11. Clearly there was some personal conflict between Chavin and Floyd that happened before the day of Floyd’s death. I believe that Chavin found an opportunity to get back at Floyd for a previous confrontation. Clearly Chavin’s actions were of a personal nature as if Floyd had slept with his daughter or something. This was not simply a police arrest gone bad. It was a target killing for a previous run-in. Floyd’s reaction to the arrest and Chavin’s actions clearly suggest something much deeper than the events of that day. Chavin should be on trial for first degree capital murder. Floyd knew he was going to die that day. He knew he had crossed somebody associated with the cops. It was a target killing.

  12. anthony barrett You keep saying “clearly”, although this may be to you, and not to all. Do you mind “clearly” explaining your theories behind your statements as if you know something of value to the case. You are speculating, passing BS for a election? It was not clear, at all, from my reality. What I saw is someone on drugs possibly, freaking out because he got caught in a criminal act, therefore creating a bad situation for his health during the time of such stress of resisting. I honestly saw no police being overly aggressive, in they seemed quite calm.

  13. Nicely written article. People have to start paying attention so we clearly catch the lies and deceit of the Dems while trying to push their propaganda and narratives down our throats. We can’t keep letting these events slide
    By either. We should protest so this is not forgotten. That’s what they want!

  14. Please don’t put hypertension on the African community. I am black and don’t suffer from that shit. I wish people stop speaking for an entire race they know nothing about.
    I am from America, born and raised in America, and that makes me American. Not African American….I loathe that crap. I am an American. I find that judgemental at best when ppl assume.

    The hospital try to do the same shit to me. By telling as a whole the African Americans have this sickness and that sickness. Nope! Not me!

    Btw, I knew this was bs. To begin with. George floyd killed himself. This is sad. Covid 19 was planned. Bill gates is an evil man.

  15. Floyd seemed like he was having a type of medical emergency in the back seat of police car . He started saying he can’t breathe. Maybe it was caused from anxiety and drugs and the situation he found himself. Maybe if at that point he would have gotten into an ambulance and treated medically he could have survived
    Seems like there may have been animosity between the lead cop and George. Maybe that was part of his anxiety.
    That being said he shouldn’t have been resisting arrest. He should have went with the officers. What I get from this is don’t do drugs , don’t break the law and take care of your body so you are healthy. The cops need more sensitivity training.
    When a person says I can’t breathe and he’s not even at a huge confrontation maybe they should seek medical help for the person instead of continuing to arrest. Then arrest after at the hospital.

  16. Two minutes and 20 seconds into that video he was in handcuffs so ANYTHING that happened after that it is CLEAR didn’t warrant nine minutes on that man’s neck. You can’t kill a man in broad daylight then feel some kind of way about the martyr YOU created. SMH… You tried it though.

  17. The police where right to arrest him not for alleged fake note but for being high behind the wheel .He would not of been a hero if he killed people through dangerious driving .If he was smaller he would of just been driven off to the police station .The foot on the neck thing is dangerious and should off been policy .

  18. Stop LYING ! George Floyd caused his own death . Fake news propaganda reeled you in hook , line and sinker. This was all set up by the democrats to cause racial divide among Americans just because of an election.

  19. The Democratic party took advantage of the optics at the end of the clip to stir up riots in the country and to push BLM, this is their way of trying to influence the upcoming election.

    That is why they never officially released this video like they should have more than 2 months ago on their own….Our tax dollars PAY for those body cams and our tax dollars pay for the police’s salaries, and they pay for the DA of the state of Minnesota etc etc – we should have had this video released in it’s entirety before June even began! The video belongs to the public after all.

    But the Democrats who run Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota refused to make the videos public because it ruined the narrative that their media was spinning of Floyd dying due to racism. The Democrats want to TELL people what to think which is very Communist of them, and they don’t want people to see the facts themselves and make up their own mind…If this video really showed racism however, you know it and so do i that the videos would have been out immediately and not hidden like they were, because it would strengthen their racism claim in that case.

    Still though – we should have Chauvin and Thao’s bodycams but we don’t. The ones that we do have are from officer Lane and Keung. Again our tax dollars pay for it so we should have all 4 bodycams to be viewed but the Dems being communists, don’t want to do that. Those videos must harm the phony racism narrative even more.

  20. I saw the whole video from Officer Lane’s bodycam. And for the record, I voted for Trump, and still plan to. I am pro-life, and I’m a Christian. I do not support the BLM movement, but black lives DO matter. Let’s get real. We can’t defend Derek Chauvin. Yes, George Floyd was resisting arrest, he was being very difficult, and he wanted to lay down. But Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for several minutes after he was unresponsive. Was it necessary to keep his knee there? These officers showed blatant disregard for Floyd’s life, especially Chauvin. Why didn’t they check his pulse? Or attempt to resuscitate him? Don’t tell me these officers aren’t trained in CPR. Officer Lane was helping to do that. But it should have been done on the ground, before he was carried into the ambulance. The cavalier attitude toward this man’s life carried all the way into the squad car when Thomas Lane was shooting the breeze with a female officer like nothing happened. A man died! Show some respect for human life! That being said, I don’t think this was a race issue, but a human issue. This disregard for a man’s life is the result of sin hardening the conscience. Sin is the cause of George Floyd’s death. Only Jesus Christ is the answer to heal the wounds, the ethnic tensions in this land today.

  21. yes they where doing there job but if he is constantly saying i can’t breathe why in anyway or form do you think it is a good idea to put your knee on his neck like that? no he didn’t listen to the officers but a humans life is more important in the end both sides have forgot that, it is no longer a race war it is a civil war of politics doesn’t matter what skin color you are it just depends on what side you are on.

  22. Crimminal! floyd deserves to be on Mount Rushmore by now, how come he is not yet, but statues of that loser is popping up everywhere, what a true black hero that Martin Luther King would be so proud of.

  23. LOL @The MuffinWoman Poor baby pooped its pants.. do you need a diaper change lil baby? Now GFYS native indian and hawaiian murdering Buffalo Soldier hypocrite chickenshit snowflake 🙂

  24. And this is the piece of shit the world has been turned upside down over?! Nigger please. This meth mouthed violent felon gang criminal deserved what he got and the video just proves and justifies it all. The rest of the aftermath, all this BLM bullshit, was and still is nothing more than an opportunistic cash grab by yet more street scum ghetto trash criminals. The less than 0.5% American black population has ruined life for all black people around the world. Thanks black America!


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