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Seattle “Protesters” Get Hit By Car On The Interstate At High Speed!

A group of so-called “protesters” in Seattle were hit by a car at around 1:30am on the morning of July 4th, 2020.

The “protesters” blocked off the interstate (i5) for the “Black Femme March”. Rumors of the police assisting the interstate blockage are currently unsubstantiated. Pictures have surfaced of a dumpster and some general road signage clumped together to form a makeshift blockage of an on-ramp. There were also vehicles parked sideways on the actual interstate itself.

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Series Of Events

Livestream footage of the event shows the group of people casually talking out on the interstate behind the cars with no lights on. If any driver were to make their way on to the road, they wouldn’t really be able to see the people.

A white Jaguar, driven by a black male, somehow made it onto the “blocked” interstate. They drove at what appears to be regular interstate speeds until they came upon the makeshift roadblock of cars parked sideways without lights on.

The driver swerves to miss the roadblock and continues to drive right through where the crowd of “protesters” were. He strikes two women and sends them flying into the air. One of the women is seriously injured and the other has critical life-threatening injuries. As of 12 noon Eastern Time, nobody has actually died from the incident and the driver has been arrested.

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Media Reporting Is Absurd As Always

Since the driver of the Jaguar is black, then reports of the vehicle strike being a “white supremacist” attack don’t seem to add up. Neither does the idea of “right wing” extremism. What most likely happened is that a person was simply driving on the interstate at normal interstate speeds and then happened upon a roadblock that should not have been there. And the roadblock prevented him from seeing the people on the road wearing dark colors at night.

Reports also label the people on the interstate as “peaceful protesters.” There is nothing peaceful about blocking a road off with dumpsters and blocking traffic. Another “roadblock protest” in the name of Black Lives Matter happened in Provo, Utah. That “protest” nearly ended in disaster as one of the people blocking traffic fired gun at the driver of a vehicle when he was trying to inch forward and get to his destination.

What Must Be Done?

At a certain point, these types of “protests” must come to an end. There is no First Amendment protection for insurrectionists or for general law-breakers. Police must be empowered by their local governments to enforce the law to ensure the safety of all citizens under their respective jurisdictions. Including people that endangering themselves by sitting on the road in the middle of the night.

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