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Activist & NCAA Swimmer Riley Gaines Assaulted At San Francisco State University

Riley Gaines was attacked by an LGBTQ+ mob at San Francisco State University during her talk at the school. Gaines was an NCAA swimmer at the University of Kentucky. She competed against the now-infamous Lia Thomas at the end of her swimming career. Gaines has stated that she was not treated very well by the NCAA. She recently went viral for a story in which she had to share a locker room with Lia Thomas who still has all of his male body parts.

Turning Point USA sponsored an event at SFSU in which Riley Gaines spoke. Toward the end of her talk, a bunch of LGBTQ+ protesters stormed the classroom where she was speaking. In a short period of time, these “protesters” demanded she comes out of the room and accosted her as she was escorted out by police. They even held her hostage, in a sense, due to refusing to allow police to escort her to nearby exits. All of this was just because she had unpopular things to say about the LGBTQ community.

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