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Andrew Tate Arrested For Human Trafficking In Romania After Video Mocking Greta Thunberg

Millionaire social media influencer Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania on suspicion of human trafficking. Tate was arrested earlier in the year for the same offense although apparently nothing came of it. He addressed the previous arrest by saying he was the victim of a “swatting” style attack. Swatting is equivalent to a prank call where an anonymous person sends police to someone’s home on false allegations.

This arrest is significant and at the same time suspicious because of Andrew Tate’s status. He is a wildly popular influencer who speaks about hyper-masculine issues that many deem offensive to women. Tate was “cancelled” earlier this year after at least one of his “controversial” interviews went viral. Serious issues started when soccer moms started to protest. Middle-school-aged boys picked up on the viral clips and began to speak like Tate. Their mothers had a serious problem with that so they started to raise concerns and protest social media. One by one, social media companies de-platformed Tate. Fintech apps like PayPal and other online-based platforms followed suit.

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Recent events involving Tate’s re-arrest for the same human trafficking crime he was suspected of earlier this year reek of an attempt to silence him. Or, another explanation could be that new information was revealed to Romanian authorities and they have enough to possibly gain a conviction. Either way, this story is very suspicious at best. Other people have gone through similar things in the west if this is a political stunt. People somewhat involved with January 6th, like Brandon Straka, have had their lives turned upside down even if they did nothing wrong. Former President Trump has faced years of legal battles that have yielded nothing in terms of wrongdoing on his behalf.


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