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Another Boeing Airplane Damaged Mid-Flight After Whistleblower Dies

Yet another Boeing airplane suffered damage mid-flight, this time during a short trip from San Francisco to Medford, Oregon. Before takeoff, the plane was inspected, and everything came back normal. Upon landing in Medford, inspectors realized a large panel was missing from the plane. It is not currently known how or when the panel flew off. A runway sweep was conducted in Medford, and no debris from the panel was found. This is another incident in a string of incidents plaguing Boeing planes in the past few days and weeks. About a week ago, a tire fell off the landing gear of a Boeing plane shortly after takeoff.

John Barnett, a former longtime Boeing employee, was set to testify against the company earlier this month as a whistleblower. He was found dead in his hotel room on the morning his private testimony was set to take place. Reports say that Barnett suffered a gunshot wound to the head, and he was found with a pistol in his hand. People close to him say he would not have done this to himself. A friend of Barnett’s told local news outlets that he said he would not do it to himself if anything ever happened to him.

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