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Anthony Fauci Deflects Blame For Lockdowns, Blames The CDC

The now-infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci says that he did not shut any schools, factories, or anything else down during the pandemic. His recent comments first came about in a controversial New York Times Magazine interview. A reporter familiar with that interview process says Fauci came off as defensive and combative. The NYT interview centered around the pandemic response that Fauci has been widely criticized for.

Fauci was the tip of the proverbial spear when it comes to all of the different pandemic policies across the nation. He appeared on countless media outlets pushing a narrative of fear and Government dependence that the nation voluntarily latched onto or was forced to abide by due to local and national policy.

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During a follow-up CNN interview, however, Fauci simply doubled down on his lack of responsibility. He says that he simply backed up whatever the CDC suggested and that the laws that were placed on the books were not his fault. This interview, combined with the NYT Magazine interview, has created widespread and renewed criticism of the so-called “America’s Doctor.” The general consensus of Fauci’s critics is that he is refusing to take responsibility for what he did because the outcome is less than favorable at best. However, if the outcome would have turned out well, then he would certainly take credit for that.


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