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Australian Woman Detained In Quarantine Camp Despite Negative Test

A young Australian woman named Hayley Hodgson was recently detained in the Howard Springs quarantine camp despite testing negative for the virus. The 26-year-old claims that this whole incident came as a result of her co-worker testing positive. Authorities appeared to have located her through her license plate after performing some sort of contact tracing. She did not receive a call from anyone after authorities identified her. Two investigators showed up at her front door and began to ask her a series of questions. That moment is when everything went downhill for Hayley.

The investigators asked Hayley if she had gotten a virus test since she was exposed to a person with the virus. She said that she had but later confessed that she lied and has not had a test. The investigators told her not to worry and that someone would come to her house and perform a test. The testing people never arrived, but uniformed police officers did. They blocked her driveway in so she was unable to leave then delivered some bad news. Hayley was informed that she was going away to the quarantine camp. This was not up for negotiation. The only two choices she was given were to have the police take her in the back of their squad/car paddywagon which would result in a fine of $5,000 for her. Or she could wait for the “virus cab” to come get her which would result in no fine. Either way, she was going to Howard Springs.

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Hayley asked a great question while all of this was happening. She observed that other people who have either been exposed to the virus or those who have actually contracted it were simply allowed to stay home and self-isolate. So the question was, why wasn’t she allowed to do the same? No answer to this question was given immediately, but she was able to find out later that this may have been a punitive action. Lying to the private investigators about her virus test may have been enough provocation for them to lock her up in the “quarantine facility” that the local Government claim is not a detention facility. If it isn’t a place of detention, then placing someone there against their will for a set period of time sure makes it seem like one.


UnHerd on Twitter: “Hayley Hodgson, 26, has just been released from a 14-day detention at the Howard Springs quarantine facility in Australia. On today’s UnHerdTV, she explains how police officers came to her home and took her away. Don’t miss đŸ‘‰” / Twitter

Inside Australia’s Covid internment camp – The Post

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  1. Hello Anthony, love your show, watch every episode. I am a US expat living in Australia. I want to update you on the ‘anti-gun’ situation in Australia. We are allowed to have guns, with restrictions. I have a large Spika gunsafe with multiple rifles and a 12 gauge shotgun, including my favorite, a Henry lever action in .44 magnum. I also have a vintage Lee Enfield .303 rifle that was once property of the Australian Army in WW1. Anyway, Australians aren’t actually ‘disarmed’. In 1996, after the Port Arthur massacre, the government banned the possession of semi-automatic weapons of any kind for the normies. Only law enforcement and certain professionals can get a permit to have semiautomatics. So, we have weapons, but only double action types. No pump action shotguns, no AR-15’s, etc. Worst of all, we have to have a permit for each and every weapon we buy, approved by the govt. Each one is registered, and that means, if and when the govt decides a weapon is no longer legal, they know where they all are and can come at anytime and confiscate them. So, we have personal firearms, but only at the whim of the state and federal govts. Oh, don’t think about using them for self-defense either, that is not an approved reason to have an firearm. No permit to carry, no home defense, nothing. They have not entirely disarmed Australia, but it is only one act of parliament away, and they are all gone …. never let this happen in the USA! God Bless, and have a merry Christmas, Anthony! Your loyal fan in Alice Springs, Australia, Ray Baney, MSGT USAF (RET).

  2. What percentage of the Australians approve of this government lockdown stuff? I’m curious as to how the people enforcing this are able to continue in office. Are the people able to bring lawsuits against these governments for overstepping their bounds, or do they have a judicial system within the gov’t there that represents the people’s interest? It’s amazing how quickly this has happened also.


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