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Beautiful Indiana High School Goes Viral, Triggering Online Leftists

An amazing Carmel, Indiana high school recently went viral on TikTok for a variety of reasons, many of them being negative. Students decided to put together a TikTok showing off the school’s many amenities. They showed several indoor gymnasiums, a pool, a Starbucks-style cafe, an autobody shop, a wood shop, and more.

Many of the millions of people who watched the original clip on TikTok marveled at the excellent use of resources to enrich the education of kids. Other people reacted with disgust, maybe even jealousy. Some people brought up race because the school is predominantly white in a mostly-white area. Others brought up urban schools that do not have as much funding that performs poorly.

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The reality is that the school district in Carmel, Indiana spends about $10k per pupil per year, while the Baltimore school district spends more than double that. Carmel High School may simply spend their money appropriately, instead of on consultants and other nonsensical things that many urban-centered schools do. Then, of course, there is parent involvement. There is probably an army of soccer moms who dedicate a ton of their free time to school. This is simply not the case in urban areas.


Indiana public high school goes viral for swanky campus

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