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Biden Administration To Build More Border Wall

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the Biden administration may resume border wall construction to close critical “gaps”. This is a complete 180 from Joe Biden’s stated position just one year ago where he said there would not be “one foot” of new border construction under his administration. Things may have changed due to the completely out-of-control border crisis which saw 171,000 illegal migrants captured trying to enter the country illegally in March of 2021, which is the highest amount since 2006.

The announcement of border wall construction should come as no surprise although Biden said that would not happen. At this point, the border crisis cannot be ignored. Of course, the crisis is completely the fault of Joe Biden and his team. Biden announced that there would be no deportations in the first 100 days of his administration and that he would resume the practice of “catch-and-release” which allows for illegal aliens to gain entry into the interior of the country before their legal status is officially determined. This has caused a nearly 200% increase in illegal border traffic which has resulted in an embarrassing overcrowding situation at border facilities.

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To solve the border crisis the Biden Administration have been taking quite a few cues from the Trump administration although Biden ran his campaign as the anti-Trump. Biden announced that he wants Mexico to “accept” families that come to the US/Mexico border instead of the US. The US President also appeared on television encouraging illegal border crossers to not come. This message, of course, is confusing because Biden has not announced plans to resume en-masse deportations any time soon. Continuing border wall construction is the clear way in which Biden is taking cues from Trump. Although Jen Psaki nor Alejandro Mayorkas said that the wall would be built in the same fashion as Trump’s team, it would not make sense to build it differently. Especially if the purpose is to continue a portion that Trump started with money, crews, and materials already procured.


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