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Black Pastor Offends School Board By Reading Children’s Book

A black male pastor by the name of John Amanchukwu, Sr., read portions of a children’s book entitled “It’s Perfectly Fine” during a school board meeting. Proponents of the book present it as a piece of educational material. Upon further review, however, it reads more like a how-to manual for LGBT sex. A video of his reading has gone viral on social media.

The passage that Amanchukwu read was so explicit, one of the meeting’s directors spoke over him to interrupt and get him to stop. The problem is that children as young as ten years old have access to this book in the Asheville, North Carolina school district. Amanchukwu made the point that such a book should not be available to children to access if adults have a hard time reading it to each other without being bashful or embarrassed.

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Books like “It’s Perfectly Fine” exist all over the United States in both red and blue school districts. Parents in an Illinois school district called the police on a teacher for exposing their children to another graphic “children’s” book called “This Book Is Gay.” The book had instructions on how to use gay sex apps. There were also instructions on male-on-male sex, complete with pictures. These books are not beneficial to the education of children. They are simply pornographic and have no place in the public K-12 education system.


John K. Amanchukwu Sr. on Twitter: “This book, It’s Perfectly Normal, is in the Asheville School District in, NC. As a matter of fact, it’s in numerous school districts around the country. The board, as expected, didn’t want me to read it, but 10 yeard olds can read it and view all of the pornography it…” / Twitter

NC pastor blasts school board for equity initiative: ‘We are failing Black students in the name of diversity’ | Fox News

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