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California Voters Claim Their Recall Ballots Have Already Been Cast

The California recall election that may end with a new Governor is plagued with allegations of “funny business” from voters. People who have not yet cast a vote are being told that they have already voted. This is a phenomenon that happens to people who show up to vote early and in person. A remnant of the pandemic, universal mail-in ballots, still exists in certain locales. California is one of them. There is also no voter identification required in California. Both of those factors equal up to a recipe for disaster.

A Torrence, California man was spotted passed out in his vehicle in front of a 7-11 with 300 recall ballots. The man also had a gun, drugs, and other mail including credit card information in his vehicle. An obvious question would be “why did the man have 300 ballots right next to guns and drugs”? The man was also a convicted felon. “Experts” have repeatedly claimed that election fraud is rare and does not necessarily change the outcome of elections. How can this statement be made with 100 percent certainty if the majority of voter fraud goes unnoticed?

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According to public data, early 4.1 million registered Democrats have mailed in their ballots, compared with 1.9 million Republicans and 1.8 million independents. This is not necessarily odd because Republicans tend to vote on the day of the election or just before instead of using mail-in and/or early ballots. The large number of Democrats who have voted early may or may not work in Gavin Newsom’s favor. There are other candidates aside from Republicans like Larry Elder in the race. The recall effort was bipartisan and that’s why it was successful.


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