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Canadian Catholic High School Student Arrested After Protest “Against” Trans Classmates

A Canadian Catholic high school student was arrested shortly after organizing a protest against some members of the “trans” community. Josh Alexander, the student in question, organized the protest after the “bathroom issue” became a problem. Some of his female classmates expressed concern for biological males sharing the same washroom as them. Alexander took umbrage with this and decided to stand up and speak out. This created a series of issues that resulted in allegations of “bullying” being thrown in the 16-year-old student’s direction and his eventual suspension/expulsion from the school. When Alexander returned to the school in an attempt to resume in-person education, he was arrested for what essentially amounts to trespassing.


Canadian Catholic school student who was suspended for protesting transgender bathroom policy speaks out | Catholic News Agency

Canadian High School Student Is Arrested, Banned From School Grounds For Opposing Transgender Ideology At Catholic School – OutKick

Canadian Catholic-School Student Who Was Suspended for Protesting Transgender Bathroom Policy Speaks Out on EWTN| National Catholic Register

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