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Cruise Ship To Set Sail On Three-Year Journey In November From Istanbul

The “Life At Sea” cruise ship that will take passengers on a three-year trip is set to set sail this year from Istanbul, Turkey. The ship will pick up passengers in Barcelona and Miami. During the trip, there will be stops at 375 destinations in 135 countries and all seven continents. This would be an impressive feat if accomplished, considering how difficult some parts of the world are to navigate by water. A total of one thousand passengers will be aboard.

The cost to book a room for one year will be around $33,000. That price includes food. The setup of a ship like this appears to be perfect for retirees, but more and more people in their 20s are signing up as days and weeks progress. People who work remotely are attracted to the relatively low cost of living aboard the ship as well as the ability to traverse the globe. This is an untested experience that will be interesting to observe as time on the ship goes on. An obvious question is about how the passengers will get along with each other. One thousand people from different parts of the world on one boat for three years is an obvious recipe for potential disaster.

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