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Daniel Penny Charged In The “Chokehold” Death Of Jordan Neely

Daniel Penny will be charged with second-degree manslaughter for the death of Jordan Neely. Penny, a 24-year-old Marine Corps veteran, restrained Neely during an incident on the New York City subway. At least two other passengers assisted Neely in the restraint. Neely was becoming aggressive and threatening toward people on the train until the passengers stepped in.

Penny asked for people on the train to call the police while on the ground with Neely. Unfortunately, it took the police about fifteen minutes to arrive. By that time, Penny may have already held the rear neck restraint or “chokehold” on Neely for too long and, as a result, Neely died. This was a clear mistake as evidenced by the video of the incident and judging by the actual charges. And it was totally avoidable.

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New York City politicians have become soft on crime and the evidence is clear to see. Jordan Neely had been arrested over 40 times for various offenses, most of which were related to the subway. He had an open assault warrant from 2021. He was on the top 50 list of New York City homeless residents who needed mental health help. This was the help that he did not receive. He was not punished properly for the crimes he committed. Not even the open assault warrant from nearly two years ago. If Neely did not live in a city that had such a laissez-faire attitude toward law and order, then maybe he would not have been terrorizing the subway system, and maybe he would be alive.


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