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Dashcam Footage Reveals Details Of Crazy Kentucky Bridge Truck Crash

Newly released dashcam footage reveals details of the semi-truck crash on a bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. On March 1st, a harrowing rescue occurred on the Clark Memorial Bridge, which overlooks the Ohio River. A semi-truck had crashed and nearly plunged into the Ohio, saved by nothing more than God’s grace and conveniently placed structural elements on the outside of the bridge. The driver, an unidentified woman, dangled precariously in the nearly detached cabin for an hour as fire rescue attempted to save her. The rescue was a success, and a video of it went viral.

The newly released footage shows how the accident took place. A man driving a black pickup truck swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid crashing into cars that appeared to be stopped. He swerved just in time to collide with the semi-truck, most likely puncturing tires and breaking the semi’s steering column. The semi driver attempted to steer the wheel in the other direction, but it was useless. The vehicle’s momentum and the broken steering column most likely forced the semi to crash onto the edge of the bridge. The black pickup truck driver was taken into custody and charged. He had a suspended license at the time of the accident.

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