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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Complains About Bus Loads Of Illegal Aliens Coming From Texas

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser appeared on “Face The Nation” and complained about busloads of illegal aliens being dumped off in her city. These “migrants” are being sent to DC largely from Texas, Arizona, and possibly New Mexico. Texas Governor Greg Abbott famously promised to send these buses to DC in response to federal lawmakers refusing to address the issue on the Southern Border. Texas has spent billions of their own dollars in response to the overwhelming amount of so-called “asylum seekers” and outright illegal aliens breaching the border on a daily basis. Abbott, and other state leaders, simply want the politicians in DC to deal with the mess they’ve made on the border instead of border states baring the burden all alone.


Mayor Bowser won’t say who is tricking migrants into bus rides from Texas to DC | Fox News

DC Democrats beg for help as border states bus migrants to Biden’s backyard | Washington Examiner

Texas AG snaps back at DC mayor who claimed migrants ‘tricked’ onto buses to nation’s capital | Washington Examiner

Gov. Greg Abbott asks for private money to bus migrants to D.C. | The Texas Tribune

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  2. Mayor Bowwow should go to Uncle Joe and complain. Meanwhile since DC has the welcome mat out, let the white house take them all in and see what the strain is on all the resources as well as all the drugs, sex trade and other criminal element that’s coming in with some of the illegals (which are not being checked out). Muffinman sounds like a troll, not worth even insulting since it will go right over his/her head anyway.


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