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“Defund The Police” Activist Alyssa Milano Calls POLICE On A Teenager!

Actress and “Defund the Police” activist Alyssa Milano recently called the police on a teenager who was hunting squirrels on or near her Ventura County California home. Ventura Country Police responded to the emergency call with all of the bells and whistles. No less than seven squad cars, a K9 unit, the Fire Department, and a police helicopter showed up to her $2.5 million dollar estate in the hills.

The “Charmed” actress wasted no time in going into damage-control mode on Twitter, which is her platform of choice. Milano immediately threw her neighbor under the bus saying that they called the police on the “gunman.” Milano then admitted that she “subsequently” called 9-1-1 to simply follow up and inquire about when the police would arrive. Calling an emergency line to inquire about police arrival after they’ve already been dispatched to your home doesn’t make much sense but it is interesting.

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Police arrived on the scene with an impressive show of force. The police presence was so intense that other residents of the neighborhood and people driving through took pictures and posted them online. When the teenager realized the police presence was for him, he surrendered. All that the teenager had was an airsoft gun and he was hunting squirrels. Police had an impromptu meeting with residents of the well-to-do Ventura County neighborhood confirming what they dubbed “squirrelgate.”

Alyssa Milano previously supported an effort to defund the Los Angeles Police Department by 90%. A reduction that drastic would most certainly reduce the number of available police officers. If Milano lived a few miles south in Los Angeles County rather than Ventura County and her proposed measure went into place, the impressive show of force that arrived at her property would not have been possible. Why send nearly the entire force for a teenager with an airsoft gun when another teenager shot 15 people down the road?

People like Alyssa Milano and other “celebrities” who exist on the left spectrum don’t seem to understand what they’re talking about when it comes to politics. Even if there is some issue with police brutality, which it is not, there is still no reason to remove officers. All that does is make dangerous neighborhoods much more dangerous. A nice, tidy, and secure neighborhood where Alyssa Milano, her husband, and two children live does not face the same harsh realities of life that the neighborhoods she wants to remove police from having. Maybe that’s why it is easy for Milano and her ilk to say police for ME, but not for THEE.

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