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Deion Sanders Called “Racist” For Remarks About College Players

Deion Sanders, also known as “Coach Prime”, recently got himself into a bit of controversy over comments made on the Rich Eisen show. The NFL Hall-Of-Famer recently left the head football coaching job at HBCU Jackson State for the much larger and wealthier Colorado. So, obviously, Sanders will be doing a ton of recruiting to get young players who want to buy into his system.

The conversation appears to have been about the types of players Coach Prime wants to recruit for each position. He mentioned that Quarterbacks and Offensive Linemen should typically come from two-parent households and have a relatively high grade point average. Sanders wants them to be smart and also make great off-the-field decisions. When he got to Defensive Linemen, Sanders said that he desires the total opposite. And that is the moment when things went downhill and accusations of “racism” and/or “elitism” started to spread all throughout social media.

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