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Driver Charged With Vehicular Homicide In Seattle BLM Interstate Protest Accident!

A 27-year-old man named Dawit Kelete has been charged with vehicular homicide and reckless driving for his role in an accident that seriously injured two Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in Seattle. He was driving at normal interstate speeds when he came across an unlit barrier of parked cars in the center of the road at 1:40 am.

Kelete swerved to avoid the makeshift barrier and then hit two protesters who were on the interstate. One of them, Summer Taylor, died at a local hospital. The other, Diaz Love, is alive and in stable condition. Taylor and Diaz are both white and Kelete is black.

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Kelete, a first-generation immigrant from Eritrea, has expressed deep remorse and sorrow for the accident. His lawyer says that this incident was not at all politically motivated. It was just an accident and no more. The video of the incident shows as much.

Why Was Anyone Standing On The Road?

The accident happened at about 1:40 am on Interstate 5 in Seattle, not far from the CHAZ / CHOP autonomous zone. Protesters were on the interstate for a “Black Femme March” and were dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle” just before the car accident. The interstate was allegedly blocked off to oncoming traffic, but it’s not clear if it actually was or who set up the roadblock.

If the City of Seattle and/or Seattle Police set up the roadblock so the protesters could demonstrate on the interstate, then they did a terrible job. There was no lighting on the protesters at all. There were two cars parked perpendicular to the road on the interstate to serve as some sort of blockade, but they were unlit. If a person were driving at normal interstate speeds, there is no way they could safely stop in time to prevent an accident.

The Accident Took The Driver By Surprise

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Dawit Kelete was traveling at normal interstate speeds when he came upon the “blockade” of two cars on the interstate. No extra lighting was on which is what there would normally be if any interstate obstruction was present at night. And the “protest” happened around a bend of the interstate, which gives a person even less time to react. Kelete swerved to avoid the cars and wound up crashing into protesters instead.

If Dawit were a white male, then this case would be elevated beyond the current severity to a Dylann Roof or something similar. It would be Charlottesville 2.0. It’s unfortunate that race has to be brought up in tragic situations like this, but that’s the reality of the country at this moment. Most people do not think this way all of the time, but the media and subversive groups like Black Lives Matter do.

Political Posturing.

Either way it goes, to charge the driver with vehicular manslaughter is absurd. This was clearly an accident and nothing else. He was not impaired and he instantly showed remorse and concern. The only thing they could possibly get him on his entering the interstate improperly but what would that actually be sans the accident? Maybe a simple ticket? A mere driving infraction.

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The protesters should not have been on the road, period. If the City of Seattle were involved and complicit, then they should be just as complicit when litigiousness rears it’s ugly head. These protesters were totally unsafe. And it’s not just Seattle’s fault if they were involved. The people on the interstate share a large part of the blame. They put themselves in harm’s way. And this tragedy should be a lesson to all. Stay safe, stay off the road.


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  1. I previously worked for a long haul trucking company. One of the drivers did a U-turn on an interstate in the middle of the night. An oncoming car did not see his trailer and drove into it. Both occupants of the car were decapitated. The truck driver was immediately arrested. He went to jail, I think he got life…I don’t remember… You cannot block a highway, especially at night, without the possibility of lethal consequences. The truck driver thought he was alone and safe to perform the illegal u-turn. He was wrong. There are laws for a reason.
    Those protesters should be charged with the one woman’s death and the injury to the other as well as obstructing the interstate which I believe is a Federal roadway. Dawit should be able to sue the protesters, BLM (if the organization ok’d the protest) and the city. Dawit may never be able to get over this trauma. He killed someone and injured another. It wasn’t his fault but guilt is a funny thing. Anything he owns, Dawit is going to have to sign over to someone he trusts so these idiots can’t sue him and take it away. This could destroy Dawit’s life even if the charges are dropped. I wouldn’t start a fund page for bail or anything. I am not up on the law, but I imagine that would be taken in a lawsuit as well. IMO the best thing to do would be to peacefully protest and force the government to follow our country’s laws and let the man go with apologies for arresting him.
    “Fight fire with fire” as they say…just do it the right way instead of the BLM way… no violence, no threats and skipping the whole stupidity stuff…nice and legal and safe.

  2. well thats one less asshole to worry about, now if we can get the rest of this country to do what this guy did then we wouldn’t see anymore protesters blocking roads!

  3. Sympathy level for “protestors”: zero
    You want to go play on the interstate you better understand that a 3500 pound car going 60-65 miles an hour can’t stop instantly and somebody is going to suffer.
    This guy should have never been charged.
    Don’t care about the lights on the highway or anything else.
    Even a soldier who actually knows he could be killed in the service doesn’t allow him/herself to knowingly GET IN THE WAY OF INCOMING!

  4. Roads are for cars…not racist morons. Our Justice Department has been corrupted into the Social Justic Department. Aren’t there any adults in the room? Who stands up for the rights of innocent people now that the radical Leftists have torn the blindfold from the eyes of Justice!? And even the victims, in these cities which are bastions of radical Leftist persecution, will go out and vote Democrat all over again! You just can’t make it up…

  5. Stupid is as stupid does, …, and then there was one.
    Godspeed Dawit; no one would expect fools dancing in the interstate at that time of the morning.

  6. If you Sleep with Dogs……Ya wake up with fleas……If you Play with Fire, you’re Gonna Get Burned. If you are Standing on The Interstate at 1:40am, Not Only are YOU Subject To Struck by a fast moving Vehicle BUT…….You Should Be Tested For Drug’s and Whoever approved such as That……… Should Change Places with The innocent Young Man in Jail…….INNOCENT I TELL YA

  7. These “protesters” are committing serious Federal crimes by impeding liberty of movement on public roads, Piracy comes to mind and sedition is also an ingredient in this Marxist movement. These people are anti-American anarchists.

  8. While he certainly should be prosecuted for vehicular homoside but will he be convicted? He’s black. I wonder, would he skate of the charge was hetroside?

    But wait, those he injured were white and it’s ironic they believed black lives matter more than other lives of a different race. Did he know they supported BLM? Did he just mow then down because they were white? We may never know because apparently only black lives matter and their young white lives do not.


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