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Electric Vehicles More Harmful To The Environment Than Gas-Powered Cars

According to a study released in 2022, electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gas-powered cars. The study resurfaced due to a recent Wall Street Journal article citing it. Despite the lack of carbon emission from an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles emit more toxic particulates than gas vehicles. The critical component of EVs is the batteries, which are often very heavy. In fact, EVs weigh 30% more than ICE cars, on average. This creates more wear and tear on tires and brake pads.

The primary source of toxic particulates on the road is tire wear. Due to the nature of EV engines, heavier vehicles often have faster torque, which wears tires down faster. Mining rare earth minerals such as cobalt and lithium is required to create large batteries for electric vehicles. This process can harm the environment, especially in war-torn countries in Central Africa. Also, EVs need electricity, often powered by “dirty” fuels such as coal mined from mountains.

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EVs release more toxic emissions, are worse for the environment: study

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