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Exposed Virginia Politician Susana Gibson Says She’s The Victim After Being Exposed

Controversial Virginia Democratic political hopeful Susana Gibson says she is the victim when asked about the scandal that rocked her election bid. Gibson was running for a state seat in a district near Richmond, Virginia. The race was very close but she did, of course, lose. Gibson and others may attest that her loss was due to a surprise scandal carried out by malicious Republican operatives. Videos featuring Gibson and her husband performing risque acts on a “cam” website for “tips” surfaced just before Virginia State Delegate voting commenced.

Gibson says that the scandal was actually a violation of her privacy and an attempt to smear her. This, of course, is a ludicrous statement to make due to the videos she made with her husband being available on a public website. It is not clear if the videos were meant to be shared outside of her “followers” on said website, but the reality is that they were posted voluntarily. Nobody hacked into her computer or phone and stole private videos.

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Not only did Gibson and her husband post videos purposefully, but they were also live-streaming and interacting with the audience. They would allegedly perform certain sexual acts with each other at the behest of the viewers after “tips” were donated to the stream. Gibson’s “streaming” apparently overlapped with her announcement for Virginia Delegate candidacy in September of 2022.


VA Democrat featured in streamed sex acts online says she’s the victim

Former Virginia candidate Susanna Gibson unbowed after disclosure of sex videos with husband – YouTube

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