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FBI Links Internet Slang “Red Pill”, “Based” To Extremist Movements

The FBI has associated certain internet slang, specifically the terms “red pill” and “based (among others), with extremist movements within the United States. The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project initiated a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain the documents to prove this. What they discovered is that certain terms were linked to “Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremism” or “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism.”

The aforementioned terms are used frequently in male-centered platforms online. Many content creators in that space have long suspected that certain terms they use have an extra pair of eyes on them, due to the constant de-platforming of popular individuals (Andrew Tate, Sneako) in the movement. The FBI is monitoring people who use such terminology due to a risk of violent behavior. Three of the main terms that the FBI monitor, including “based”, “red pill”, and “larping” typically are not used with malicious intent, but the FBI apparently thinks otherwise.

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FBI documents associate internet slang like ‘based’ and ‘red pill’ with ‘extremism’

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