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Four Tops Lead Singer Sues Michigan Hospital For Discrimination

The lead singer of the Four Tops, Alexander Morris, is suing a hospital in metro Detroit for racial discrimination. In 2023, Morris visited the Warren, Michigan, hospital with a heart issue that required specific treatment, including oxygen. During intake, he was asked what he does for an occupation. He told them that he was the lead singer of the Motown R&B group “The Four Tops.” He had performed on stage as recently as February 2023 at The Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, nobody believed him, and even worse, he was treated like a person with mental illness. They thought he was delusional to believe such a thing.

It is understandable to be skeptical of Alexander Morris being the lead singer of the Four Tops. After all, Morris is only 53 years old. The Four Tops started in the 1950s. Obviously, he is not old enough to be an original member. He joined the group six years ago. There is only one remaining surviving member of the group, Abdul “Duke” Fakir, who is 88 years old. Skepticism about Morris’s line of work could have been cleared up with a simple Google search. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and he was mistreated instead.

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Morris was put into a straitjacket and was on his way to a psych eval shortly after he revealed his occupation. They took the oxygen that he needed away for some odd reason, as well. Morris desperately tried to get the staff to notice he was who he said he was. He eventually caught a nurse’s attention and showed her a video of himself on stage at the Grammys. She then realized that he was telling the truth. The staff became apologetic, and the psych eval was called off. They offered him a $25 gift card to the Meijer grocery store for his troubles.


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