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Fox News Tears Down Tucker Carlson’s Custom-Built Home Studio

Fox News dismantled (destroyed) Tucker Carlson’s at-home studio just as he announced he would continue broadcasting on Twitter instead of Fox. Rumors swirled around the former Fox primetime anchor after his abrupt dismissal from the network. Some say that his ouster was part of the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that resulted in a $787 million lawsuit. Others say that it was very personal directly from the big man upstairs, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is the owner of News Corp which is the parent company of Fox News and other entities like the New York Post. The most recent episode in the Fox News / Tucker Carlson drama may point toward his firing as something personal instead of purely business.

Tucker Carlson has (or had) a home studio at his home in Maine. The studio was built in a barn and it had full television-quality production abilities. This studio was built by Fox News for Tucker to use for Fox News. So, after his ouster, Fox employees came to his home to take all of their equipment back. They took everything from false walls to desks to chairs and everything in between. It is not clear if Fox offered to sell Tucker the studio that they built for him. However, what is crystal clear is that they did not offer it to him as a show of gratitude for the years he has built value at the corporation.

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The Daily Mail captured photos of Tucker with a sizable axe outside of his home, presumably to help rebuild the studio. Tucker had a crew of at least three guys, possibly including himself, to get the studio back to a usable state for his upcoming show that will air exclusively on Twitter.


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