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General Hospital Actor Johnny Wactor Shot And Killed In Los Angeles

A beloved actor who is best known for his role in “General Hospital” is dead after being attacked by criminals in Los Angeles. 37-year-old Johnn Wactor appeared on over 100 episodes of the daytime drama. He had a second job as a waiter in Los Angeles. One night, he worked later than usual. After he got off, he walked his female co-worker to her car to keep her safe.

On the way to her car, he encountered a group of men doing something to his vehicle. He asked the men if they were towing, which they were not. The men were masked, and, unfortunately, they were also armed. When Wactor realized what was happening, he put the coworker behind him. He did not try to intervene with the catalytic convertor theft that they were attempting, but they shot him anyway. He died shortly after. Wactor’s death represents yet another incident of the ever-escalating crime and violence in Southern California.

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