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Georgia Grand Jury Foreperson Emily Kors Goes On Ridiculous Media Tour

Emily Kors, the Georgia grand jury foreperson in the Trump election interference investigation, has gone on a media blitz. Her awkward movements and reactions to sensitive questions have essentially gone viral. Some people say that it is “mean” to attack Kors because she could be mentally challenged. If she is mentally challenged, then the obvious question would be… why is she a jury foreperson? Also, why would she go on a media tour, talking to several different outlets?

The main issue with her behavior is how it could damage the investigation. Even leftist outlets like The View said while they enjoyed her glee at the thought of potentially indicting Trump, they also realized that her comments could ruin the investigation. A Grand Jury is supposed to be impartial and only rely on the facts given to them to make decisions. Emily Kors’s comments displayed quite the contrary.

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