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Girl Scouts Garner Twitter Mob Hate After ACB Tweet

Everyone knows the Girl Scouts, the girl-centered youth organization that empowers its scouts through community service and life skills? If so, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the organization would celebrate the confirmation of only one of five women to be nominated to the United States Supreme Court. Because #GirlPower, right?

One could imagine that this groundbreaking appointment would be worth giving praise, especially among feminists and pro-women activists. But after sending a congratulatory tweet regarding Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, the loveable Girl Scouts deleted it in response to left-wing hate.

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GS is known for staying out of politics. And rightfully so, as the empowerment of girls should need no political agenda. So what message does this send when an organization for the betterment of girls can’t celebrate the achievements of a certain woman based on how she could potentially vote on a Supreme Court case? Is ACB’s confirmation not fit to be a national honor? Or is the diversity of ideas among women not allowed?

The otherwise well-meaning tweet drew backlash from Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, who insinuated ACB to be the “antithesis of justice.” Others celebrated the removal of the post. Megyn Kelly offered her two cents, calling the decision to remove the post “pathetic.”

Some of us remember a time when we used to honor the highest seats of our nation, including the President of the United States and our Supreme Court Justices, regardless of whether we agreed on every issue. The original GS tweet was a nod to the days when dissenting opinions did not outweigh respect for the office. But the unwinding of this gesture potentially sends an unfortunate message to young girls that mob rule prevails. Let’s hope that this is not how the Girl Scout cookie crumbles.

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