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Half of Americans think Biden is Unfit for POTUS. Why are we surprised?

The latest Rasmussen survey revealed that half of Americans (52%) have doubts about the 46th President. Of those surveyed, 37% said they are “very concerned” about the fact that Joe Biden has yet to give his nation a press conference since taking office in January.

But should any of this come as a surprise? People from both sides of the political aisle already felt that Biden was unfit for the POTUS role.

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During the quite entertaining primary debates, democratic candidate Julián Castro fired back at then candidate Biden after he forgot what he said just “two minutes ago” in a healthcare buy-in debate. The moment immediately followed with a roar or applause and cheers from the audience. So it’s clearly not just Republicans who feel Biden is more than unqualified for his current role. We are not surprised.

Plus, those of us who can remember life before the coronavirus pandemic did not forget the tour of embarrassing rallies, including one held in Pennsylvania where Biden misspoke about free “cunity college.”

No one has to try to curate this content. It happens naturally, unprovoked and on its own. Perhaps voters thought that the presidency would give Biden a perk somehow. But when he struggled to get out the name of his defense secretary during a “special announcement” on March 8, Americans who weren’t paying attention woke up to why we call him Sleepy Joe at all. Perhaps this was a warm-up speech as the world anxiously awaits his address scheduled for March 11. (We bet you’ll be able to count the questions asked on one hand.)

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If there are any gaffes, the media will simply report them as “Biden’s funniest moments” with endearment and chuckles. Some sleeping citizens who were just going through the routine voting motions will begin to admit to themselves that something is off. As for the rest of us, we might be laughing, but that’s just to hide the tears shed because we know our highest office has reached its lowest point.


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