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Harvard Refuses To Fire President Claudine Gay Over Antisemitism Remarks

Harvard refuses to fire President Claudine Gay after a conservative outcry over her comments about antisemitism. The newly-selected President of the University appeared at a Congressional hearing about antisemitism on college campuses. She was not alone, however. The Presidents of MIT and Penn, Sally Kornbluth and Liz Magill, were also in attendance. Pamela Nadell, professor of history and Jewish studies at American University, rounded out the group of four. They were all grilled by members of the House, including Elise Stefanik, about recent protests against Israel on their respective campuses.

Billionaire donor Bill Ackman says that all of the Presidents who testified during the Congressional hearing should resign in shame. Liz Magill wound up resigning shortly after her remarks. Claudine Gay and Sally Kornbluth, however, did not resign. And as a matter of fact, Claudine Gay received an outpouring of support from staff and alumni. Harvard’s board unanimously decided to keep her on. There is a letter of over 770 alumni who also pledge their support to Gay.

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There is confusion over the issue of support for the state of Israel not being an issue that liberal voting people align with. Especially since most Jewish people in the United States vote liberal. The liberal point of view is that the Palestinian people are being oppressed by the state of Israel. They do not view it as a birthright or a religious issue as many conservatives who support Israel do. Saturday Night Live lampooned the hearing and they painted the professors as the good guys. SNL is famously headed up by Lorne Michaels who was born in British Mandate Palestine in a kibbutz before moving to Toronto as an infant with his Jewish parents.


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