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Is Joe Biden Placing Kids Back In Cages?

The Joe Biden administration is in the process of building an “overflow facility” for up to 700 migrant children in Carrizo Springs, Texas. The facility will hold minors 13 years of age and older who have been screened for the virus. Carrizo Springs will be just like others along the southern border between the US and Mexico – it will serve as an in-between location for people caught in the act of crossing the border illegally. After a brief period of time, detainees will either be deported, allowed into the interior of the United States (catch & release), or held in custody for a longer period of time at a different location.

The “overflow facility” that Joe Biden’s administration is building sounds just like the facilities that Barack Obama built for the very same reason during his two terms in office from 2009-2017 with Joe Biden as the Vice President. These “facilities” are the very same places that Trump used just as Obama did but when Trump did it, they were referred to as cages. And the media chose to ignore the fundamental necessity of such facilities for humanitarian purposes and decided to use them as a weapon against the Trump administration. Now that Joe Biden is President, not only does he currently have “kids” in “cages” at the already existing facilities that his administration originally built, his team is building more.

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The lack of media attention toward Joe Biden’s current actions is of no surprise. Mainstream media did not pay much attention to what Obama was doing with the so-called “cages” when he built them either. As a matter of fact, when former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson toured one of the border facilities, complete with “kids in cages”, it was totally ignored. Although crystal clear high-resolution photos are available everywhere on the internet for free today. The pictures are so high quality that several of them were published in newspapers years later in stories attacking the Trump administration for their use of the facilities.


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