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Jen Psaki Breaks Down In Tears Over So-Called “Anti-LGBTQ” Bills

Jen Psaki “breaks down” into tears during a podcast interview over so-called “anti-LGBTQ” legislation. The White House Press secretary was speaking with Jessica Yellin of the “News Not Noise” podcast at the time. When the subject of Republican states passing a “wave” of “anti-LGBTQ” legislation came up, Psaki took personal exception to what was happening. She then began to make what can only be described as “crying sounds” while apparently trying to hold back tears while talking about the issue at hand.

“They’re doing that in a way that is harsh and cruel to a community of kids, especially,” Psaki said, in tears, after Yellin asked her to “make sense” of the Republican push for legislation that marginalizes the LBGTQ+ community.

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Psaki specifically mentioned Florida and the law they recently passed. This is surely a reference to the Parental Rights In Education bill also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. All that the bill (now law) says is that sexuality cannot be taught to children by teachers in grades K-3. And if any sort of sexuality is to be incorporated in a lesson plan for children in grades 4 and up, then there must be a good explanation for it. Laws like this prevent teachers from grooming or abusing their students. But somehow the law is also seen as an affront to the LGBTQ+ community. The obvious question that everyone should have is… why would a law that is specifically designed to protect children from predators be seen as something that attacks the LGBTQ+ community? Is there something about this group of people that the general population should know about?


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