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Jonathan Majors Accuser To Be Arrested By NYPD For Allegedly Assaulting Him

Grace Jabbari, the woman who accused Jonathan Majors of assaulting her, may be arrested by NYPD on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting him. She accused the “Creed” actor of assaulting her in March of 2023 after a confrontation on a New York City street corner. She said Majors slapped her on the side of the head and cut her ear in the process. Majors denies the allegations and says that she fell on her own in his apartment in a drunken stupor. Majors also alleges that Jabbari was the aggressor in the incident, hitting him and also stealing from him. Regardless of the alleged mutual nature of the conflict, Majors has suffered greatly as a result. Several movie roles that he was up for have been cancelled. He starred in the Marvel Cinematic Universe across several films as “Kang The Conqueror.” Reports say that the allegations have put an end to his appearance in Marvel films. It is not clear if the pending arrest of Grace Jabbari will have as much of an impact on her as the arrest and continuous court dates have had on Jonathan Majors.


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