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Mexican Citizens Complain About The Influx Of Gentrifying Americans in Mexico City

Some Mexican citizens in Mexico City are complaining about the recent flood of Americans into their areas. They are upset about Americans refusing to speak Spanish and also the gentrification they bring with them. Many of these Americans are from California where the cost of living is many times higher than anywhere in Mexico, including Mexico City which is not necessarily cheap. Mexican citizens spend an average of 60% of their income on housing in the city. Americans, especially those from California, have enough income to live however they want in Mexico. This includes the ability to have certain shops closed down in favor of establishments that cater to them such as Pilates gyms.

The complaints some Mexican citizens have about Americans in Mexico are similar to the complaints Americans have about Mexicans in America. However, when these things are said from an American to a Mexican, it is considered racist. “Mexican” is often viewed as a racial category instead of a nationality, which it is. The reality is that “racism” is not the problem here. Real people have real concerns about the place they live changing. This is a natural phenomenon and those who are speaking out should be heard. As a matter of fact, everyone should be heard, and not just people who come from so-called “brown” countries.

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AJ+ on Twitter: “Mexico City locals are fed up with Americans moving to their city.” / Twitter

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