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Migrant Caravan Leader Says Biden Has Dropped The Ball On The Border

Irineo Mujica, a migrant caravan leader, says that Joe Biden has dropped the ball on border security and immigration. The impromptu interview was apparently taken somewhere in Central America. Mujica claims he had upwards of 7,000 people at the Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama. He also says that in each country they encountered from Colombia to Mexico, there was infrastructure set up to fleece them financially and to assist them in their journey to the US/Mexico border. Mujica says Biden has failed to realize that a lot of countries have ganged up against the USA for financial benefit. Each person who passes through countries in Central America is taken advantage of in a way that assists their temporary host country. These countries make money while the United States pays the ultimate price in the end.


Leader of largest migrant caravan since 2022 mocks Joe Biden

End Wokeness on X: “This is Irineo Mujica He is the man leading a massive caravan of illegal migrants to the U.S. He admits that this crisis is a coordinated attack on the United States and Biden is allowing it” / X

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