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Minneapolis To Spend MILLIONS On Police After “Defund” Movement Fails

Minneapolis City Council approved a measure to spend $6.4 million dollars on recruiting new police officers. The move essentially signals the failure of the “defund the police” movement that started after the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020. Hundreds of Minneapolis police officers either retired, quit, or otherwise were no longer employed after the onslaught of riots in the city after Floyd’s death. Minneapolis is now 200 officers short of the mark they need to meet in order to have adequate security for the city.

Crimes of all types are up across the board since Summer 2020 in Minneapolis. Aggravated assault, home invasion, carjacking, and nearly everything else have either increased dramatically or in a noticeable fashion. The crime has gotten so bad in Minneapolis that the hypocritical City Council who were in favor of “defund the police” had to get their own security. Of course, City Council got their own security first before they allowed regular people in their city to have an opportunity for security.

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Even after the jump in violent crime across the board in Minneapolis, some people are not convinced that police are the solution. A “grassroots” organization in the city is attempting to organize voters to implement a system that will replace the police. The organization plans on using healthcare professionals such as social workers to handle policing instead of police officers. This, of course, is very dangerous because sometimes criminals are violent and no amount of “mental health experts” will make them become any less violent.


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