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MSNBC Highlights Joe Biden’s Recent Failures And Future Electability

MSNBC highlighted myriad complaints Joe Biden voters have with his administration’s performance thus far. It has not been a full two years since Biden’s inauguration and his approval rating is already at 33%. MSNBC highlighted some of the more obscure political points about Biden, including his inaction on “climate change” and “immigration”. The reality is that the average person does not care about political points. Most Americans care about things that impact their lives directly such as inflation of gas, food, and housing.

A large percentage of Biden voters thought he would improve their lives, especially from a financial point of view. All that they have experienced during his time in office is the complete opposite. MSNBC sort of missed the mark when it came to highlighting what the average American citizen is going through. However, for MSNBC to highlight any failure within the Biden administration and the Democratic Party at all is a definite sign that there are serious problems with the left in the United States.

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