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MSNBC Says Common Americans Don’t Know What “Inflation” Means

Joy Reid of MSNBC spoke about the issue of inflation that has been plaguing the average everyday American person. In her point of view, most people don’t actually use that term in their normal lives. She says that “inflation” only became a talking point once Republicans taught people about it. This is a very elitist point of view to hold. Americans, in general, are not this ignorant of the reality around them. According to poll data, the most pressing issue that will be voted on in the 2022 midterms is the economy. Inflation is the biggest subfactor of the economic problem because of how expensive goods and services have become.

Joy Reid went on to say that Republicans tend to use layman’s terms when it comes to hot-button issues like crime. This is a confusing thing to say because “defunding police” and “zero-cash bail” aren’t necessarily elementary school topics to grasp. Crime issues are also not much easier to grasp than the idea of “inflation”. It appears as if Joy Reid simply wants to deflect the issue of inflation away as something that only elites in Washington, D.C. care about. However, reality says that this is a problem facing all Americans… and the average, everyday person knows full well what “inflation” is.

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