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MSNBC Suggests Running John Fetterman As The 2024 Democratic Presidential Nominee

MSNBC’s Katy Tur suggested that newly-elected Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman should run for President in 2024. She made this comment during a live discussion on the network alongside other contributors including former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Her comments were not necessarily a surprise to the panel as there wasn’t much kickback. The response online and also in conservative political circles was much more pronounced.

John Fetterman recently had a stroke and is clearly hobbled by it. His debate performance was abysmal at best. It is ridiculous to suggest that he could (or should) run for President in 2024. Not only is it ridiculous, but it is also cruel. Fetterman clearly would not be able to withstand a grueling campaign cycle. Most sane and clear-thinking people understand this fact.

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But maybe the suggestion from Katy Tur was not serious. It could have been an elaborate “troll” to gloat over the victory. That would be a more acceptable explanation. If Katy Tur and the MSNBC set who did not push back on her were serious, that is a serious problem that really should not be ignored.


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  1. Pathetic with a capital, EVERYTHING! Now lets all sit back with an EXTRA LARGE bucket of popcorn and watch another state demolished by sheer idiocy as crime rates skyrocket all across Pennsylvania, and this invalid bum releases his tens of thousands of convict friends from prison and stops requiring bail etc. NYC, Chicago, LA, New Orleans, Atlanta… all miserably failed experiments and at the expense of tax paying law abiding citizens. We just never learn do we. ENJOY!

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