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Nevada Rangers Wreck Climate Activists Blocking The Road To The Burning Man Festival

Nevada Tribal and National Park Rangers plowed their way through climate activists from “Extinction Rebellion” who were blocking a road. The group of people were protesting the use of private jets to attend the upcoming “Burning Man” festival in Nevada. The activists’ roadblock created a nightmare of a traffic jam. Cars were backed up for miles. Local authorities had no other choice but to step in and remove the people who were blocking the road. Videos of the incident have gone viral on social media with the overwhelming majority of people cheering law enforcement on.

Extinction Rebellion has staged similar roadblocks in other parts of the United States and especially in Europe. Some people have gone through extreme measures to affix themselves to roads. Quite a few people literally glued themselves to asphalt and had to get physically chiseled out of the ground by first responders.

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Savanah Hernandez on X: “This video of Tribal Rangers ramming into a barricade climate activists set up to block traffic and then arresting all of the climate activists is the video I didn’t know I needed 😂 Amazing.” / X

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